Naagin 6, July 3, Written Episode: Pratha Saves Rishabh From Wild Boar And More

Naagin 6, July 3, Written Episode: Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia and Mehel aka Mahek Chahal recall how they fooled Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash and betrayed Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal. Mehek plays a wicked trick to find out if Kiara is actually Pratha. Rishabh and the whole family is mad at Rehan. Mehek decides to find out Kiara’s truth, Pratha is determined to seek revenge from Rishabh, Mehek, Rehan and all those who betrayed her. Rishabh and Pratha still can’t get over their feelings for each other. Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki stands by Pratha in her mission to seek vengeance.Also Read – Naagin 6, July 2, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Kills Lady Doctor, Urvashi Reveals Maha Asur is in Coma

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Urvashi tells Mehek that Seema is in Coma, so it is very hard to control Shakti. Mehek goes to secret room to please Shakti as per his wish and then tells him the woman he killed was Rishabh’s true love. Shakti lauds her and rejoices knowing about Rishabh’s loss. Pratha transforms into Samaira and beats up Vihaan while he is drunk. Rishabh is curious to know if Kiara is actually Pratha. Mehek tells Rishabh to take Kiara on a jungle cruise and get closer to her in order to find out the truth. Also Read – Naagin 6, June 26, Written Episode: Pratha Returns as Kiara, Rishabh Has an Evil Twin Brother Shakti

Pratha Cannot Forgive Rishabh

Urvashi recalls how she persuaded Rishabh to marry Mehek as the latter pretended to be a loner and heartbroken for not having anyone in her life. Rishabh tells Mehek that there won’t be any love between them as he cannot fall in love again. Pratha recalls how Rishabh and his family betrayed her. Pratha swears to punish each one who broke her trust including Rishabh. Pratha declares she will set an example what it means to humiliate a woman by punishing her enemies. Rishabh is getting mixed feelings as he still has feelings for Pratha but he tells himself that he hates her for betraying him.

Mehek is Jealous of Kiara

Rishabh and Mehek meet Kiara and Rajesh at the jungle. Both couples reach the hunting spot as Rishabh teaches Kiara how to hold a gun and aim for the prey. Pratha is amazed how she still feels belongingness by Rishabh’s touch. Rishabh tells Kiara he does not like hunting and doesn’t believe in killing anyone by attacking from the back. Kiara takes a jibe at him and says she thought he doesn’t mind backstabbing people. Mehek watches Rishabh close to Kiara and becomes jealous. Suddenly Mehek spots a wild boar coming and becomes happy that now the truth about Pratha will be revealed.

Sheshnaagin Saves Rishabh

Rishabh tells Kiara to stay behind him as he aims at the wild animal. Rishabh is attacked twice by the wild boar and he faints. Pratha sees Mehek hiding behind a tree and prays to Lord Shiva to save her. All of a sudden massive hailstorm starts and Mehek is caught up in the air. Pratha transforms into Sheshnaagin and beats up wild boar. Mehek goes to see if Pratha transformed into Naagin when the hailstorm stops and finds Kiara collapsed in the ground along with Rishabh as the wild boar tries to attack her but is killed by Rajesh Pratap’s bullet. Rishabh comes back to his senses and thanks Rajesh Pratap. Kiara asks Rajesh to take her home.

Pratha is Determined to Kill Rishabh

Rajesh applies medicine on Pratha’s wounds and asks him what was the need to save Rishabh. Rajesh asks her if she still loves him. Pratha tells Rajesh, a wild boar can’t kill Rishabh as he is destined to be killed by Pratha herself. Pratha remembers when she saw Rishabh and Mehek’s intimate moments in the bathtub. Pratha gets the flashbacks when Mehek and Rishabh hugged each other in front of her in the courtroom.

Rishabh Cannot Forget Pratha

Rishabh sees Pratha in the dream and wakes up shouting only to realize it was a nightmare. Mehek gets angry telling him he still loves Pratha. Rishabh tells her he doesn’t love anyone, he just doesn’t want anythinng to happen t Kiara as he would not have been able to forgive himself if the wild boar attacked Kiara. Rishabh tell Mehek he doesn’t love anybody and he only has hatred for Pratha. Rishabh remembers his romantic moments with Pratha and tries hard to suppress his feelings.

Zhang Wants The Land Deal For His Son

Zhang calls up Urvashi and tells her his son is coming to India and he wants his son should be welcomed in a grand way. He also tells her that nobody should know that he is Zhang’s son. Zhang directs Urvashi to register the land on his son’s name once her deal with Rajesh Pratap is finalized. Urvashi and Mehek get frustrated that the jungle cruise was a waste as they don’t know if Kiara will give them the land. Mehek and Urvashi hear loud noises coming from downstairs.

Rehan Betrays His Girlfriend Again

Rishabh scolds Rehan for proposing Rajesh Pratap’s sister as he is Rishabh’s future business partner. Rehan tells Rishabh that he genuinely loves her. Rehan’s girlfriend Siya slaps him. Rishabh tells Rehan it is not even an year of the mourning period post his wife’s death and he has proposed another girl. Rishabh tries to convince him to give up the though as due to his reputation police is still suspicious of him. Rishabh warns Rehan and tells him if anything wrong happens to Rajesh’s sister or any other girl, he will thrash him very badly. Rajesh and Kiara arrive at the scene and Rajesh tells everyone he is happy with his sister’s choice. Pratha recalls how Rajesh’s sister decided to marry Rehan in order to help Pratha in getting her revenge. She tells Pratha Jwala had helped both her and Rajesh and she will do anything to support Pratha.

What to Expect From Upcoming Episode

Mehek tries to strangle Kiara till she transforms into Sheshnaagin and fights Mehek. Pratha declares she will not spare anyone who betrayed her.

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