Pariva Pranati, who is currently seen as Vandana Wagle in Wagle Ki Duniya, gets candid with us

Wagle Ki Duniya is all about family and relationships. What’s your idea of a happy family?

My family is my biggest source of happiness. They have always stood by me and they are my foremost priority.

What makes your character different from regular soap opera wives?

Vandana is a very relatable character who embodies the personalities of all wives. She has flaws, but she makes an effort to learn and grow. Vandana is strong but still has her weak moments. She has an element of surprise about her, which I find appealing.

How has your equation developed with your fellow actors?

We have a lot of fun. We sing, we laugh, we dance, and we work like crazy. From our producer and director to the actors and the rest of the crew, we exude positive energy. There is never a dull moment.

Since you are a mother in real life too, how does it feel to be a reel life mother to two teenage kids?

The Wagle family is my second family. My relationship with the kids on the show is very friendly, and we enjoy hanging out together. Yes, Wagle teaches us a lot about parenting. It has taught us the value of having faith in our children and that we should allow them to make mistakes while providing them with the guidance they require.

Your Instagram bio says you are a green warrior. Tell us about it.

My husband is a wildlife photographer, so I make sure to visit the forests and spend some time with nature as it makes me very happy. Everyone knows that I am an animal lover. I make sure to keep myself updated on the various rescue missions of the animals.

What are your other interests?

Dancing, shopping and travelling.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

While I will still be acting, I have resolved that I can’t be a part of a TV show that will not excite me enough to go to the sets. The content has to be relatable.

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