The Crown season 5 promo recreates Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ messy divorce, reveals release date. Watch

A short promo of the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix show The Crown was shown at the streaming service’s global fan event, Tudum, on Saturday night. The 35-second promo sets the tone for the upcoming season, which will include some behind-the-scenes glimpses of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s messy separation and divorce in the early-1990s. The Crown is based on the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The first four seasons chronicled her life from the late-1940s to the 80s. The final two seasons will wrap up the story over the next two decades or so. Also read: The Crown creator Peter Morgan says ‘we will stop filming out of respect’ after Queen Elizabeth II’s death

The short promo opens with close up shots of Princess Diana and Charles’ hands as a voice over says, “Buckingham Palace is issuing this statement. It is with regret the Prince and Princess of Wales are separated.” We then get a look at Diana’s face briefly, followed by a similar close-up of Charles. A newscaster’s voice can be heard saying. “After Prince Charles bared his soul to the nation, Princess of Wales upstaged her husband speaking about her broken marriage, life and her future.” More shots of Diana getting make up applied to her face follow.

A montage of news broadcasts follow, informing about the brewing controversy around the royal couple’s separation and reports that Charles may have had an extra-marital affair. A long shot then shows Charles sitting on a chair in a studio surrounded by camera, followed by a similar shot of Diana in a studio herself. As shots of Diana and Charles on camera monitors appear on screen, a newsreader says, “This is becoming all out war.”

The promo also revealed the release date for the much-anticipated season. The Crown season 5 will begin streaming on Netflix from November 9, over two years after the last season. Imelda Staunton is taking over from Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth for the season. Charles and Diana will be played by new actors as well–Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki respectively. This will be the first season of the show to be released after the death of Queen Elizabeth, which occurred on September 8.

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