Upasana Singh left The Kapil Sharma Show not because of money, she reveals, “I told Kapil that I don’t…’

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Chandigarh, July 3

We’ve seen around for long and in varied roles. Upasana Singh has made a place for herself in the industry with her acting skills and is most known for her comic timing. She became a household name as a part of The Kapil Sharma Show, but after around two years on the show, she decided to move on. The actress in a candid conversation revealed why she decided to quit the show.

Talking to Bollywood Hungama, Upasana Singh shared that she was getting enough money on the show, but she didn’t feel creatively satisfied. She said, “Money is important to an extent, But after a point, your satisfaction becomes more important. I only want to do roles that make me feel good. I always tell my producers to give me roles that not everyone can do. Like I was doing The Kapil Show, it was at the top for 2-2.5 years. Then came a point where I felt that I don’t have much to do in this. I was getting good money.”

She further added, “I told Kapil that I don’t have much to do here, give me something like the role I did at the beginning of the show as I enjoyed that very much. Isme maza nahi aa raha hai (It’s not fun anymore). That’s why I left the show. Paise nahi, paise bahot acche de rahe the kyunki hamara show bahut hit tha (Not because of money, as they were giving me very good money since our show was a hit). But still, I left because I didn’t feel satisfied. Kapil and I are very good friends, and we still keep in touch. Whenever we talk I tell him that only call me back when there is something substantial to do. I say the same to every producer.”

Upasana Singh was seen in the recent OTT release, Masoom, which marks Boman Irani’s OTT debut and also stars Samara Tijori, Manjari Fadnis and Veer Rajwant Singh.

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