Watch | In conversation with Alia Bhatt on Netflix’s “Darlings”

Actor Alia Bhatt has often chosen characters that exist on the margins of the societal order and are at the receiving end of male brutality.

In Jasmeet Reen’s “Darlings”, now streaming on Netflix, written by her and Parveez Sheikh, Bhatt’s encounter with violence is further heightened when her character, an economically oppressed Muslim woman, finds herself in an alarmingly abusive marriage.

However, there’s a marked distinction between her character Badru and the characters Bhatt has essayed in the past. It’s also this distinction that is at the heart of the film: here, her romantic partner’s abuse often masks itself as an expression of love.

In this interview, she opens up about negotiating the tightrope of dark comedy in “Darlings”, turning producer and learning balance from Ranbir Kapoor.

Read the full interview here:  Alia Bhatt: I was getting too attracted to the chaos 

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