Who is TG Mafia?

Professional Free Fire Esports player Tg Mafia, also known as Daksh Garg, competes for Total Gaming. Mafia, who represents his side as a sniper, is regarded as one of India’s best snipers. Tg Gaming did quite well throughout the most recent competition and continues to play well. On May 13, 2021, Mafia joined Total Gaming as Delete. Total Gaming did a fantastic job throughout the Free Fire Winter Invitation and Esports Premium Series. In each of the competitions, they placed second. Further information about the Tg Mafia may be found here.

What Is the TG Mafia’s Real Name?

The real Tg Mafia is Daksh Garg.

Tg Mafia Free Fire id (Uid)

Tg Mafia’s in-game name is TG-MAFIAA, and his Free Fire id is 495094591.

Mafia Tg YouTube

On May 14, 2021, TG Mafia launched his YouTube channel. He now has 104K followers and has uploaded 232 videos on his YouTube account. Mafia uploads tournament highlights and live feeds to their YouTube channel, which receives a lot of positive feedback and is growing in popularity. Mafia used to compete in Hex Esports before joining Total Gaming, and the company invited him after watching his success there. He joined Total Gaming alongside Tg Delete, who has a strong connection and has played with the Mafia for a long time.

Tg mafia has changed his name to Tm mafia.