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Appreciate Lower-Ranked Weapons

You will undoubtedly obtain some five-star weapons from the Standard Banner. Weapons with strong special effects, like the White Tassel spear and Slingshot bow, are surprisingly useful at lower levels. In order to get you through the early Adventure Ranks, don’t be afraid to enhance and perfect a three-star weapon. Playing the new fishing mini-game will net you The Catch, a fantastic, energy-regenerating spear. You need to begin gathering four-star weapons as soon as you get a high Adventure Rank. They are unexpectedly effective and have the potential to become incredibly strong. Therefore, instead of wasting money on the expensive Weapon Banner, manufacture and develop these weapons.

Don’t Waste Primogems on the Standard Banner

With Acquaint Fate, a special item you acquire as your Adventure Rank rises, you can make common banner wishes. Save your primogems for the Character Event Banners; only then should you roll for the Standard Banner. Most non-event characters and weapons of all rarities are found in the Standard Banner. Don’t roll on Standard right away because it isn’t going anywhere.

Avoid Skipping Events

Genshin Impact tempts you to check in every day by offering commission missions that may be finished in exchange for a few Primogems for nothing. These gems enable those with limited funds to spend Wishes on one-time Event Banners. Along with these regular tasks, developer Mihoyo also releases special events every two weeks that give you more Primogems and precious resources. Therefore, make regular logins.

Collect as many artifacts as you can

The artefact is the most crucial component of this game since it has the ability to deal more damage than a fully upgraded character without one if it is equipped with a lower-level character. Early on in the game, some players would advise against using the resin, but you should do it in order to gather more artefacts, which you can then use to improve good artefacts.

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