Indian PUBG Mobile gamer Naman “Mortal” Sandeep Mathur is also the co-owner of Team S8uL. He is a well-known esports competitor in India. One of India’s most popular YouTubers and streams is a former in-game leader. Mortal started playing PUBG Mobile like any other child in India and quickly improved. He began using his iPad to record his games, uploaded the videos to his YouTube channel, and began a new chapter in his life. The greatest competition he won while representing Team SouL was the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India. They represented India well at the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia, despite finishing in second place.

Mortal’s Net Worth

One of the top 5 game creators in India is Naman. He also shares ownership of S8uL Gaming, one of India’s largest esports groups. He makes $46.1 – $737.5k annually and $3.8K – $61.5K just from ad income, according to Social Blade. His daily mega talks on his YouTube channel bring in far more money than that for him. With all of the discounts and brand agreements, NMortal has a net value of about Rs. 7 crores.

Mortal’s House

In S8UL Gaming House 2.0, Mortal resides. The “most opulent gambling facility in India” is this. The co-founder of S8UL 8Bit Thug gave a quick overview of the facility and provided viewers with their first glimpse of the foyer before going inside. The entryway opens into a large living area where awards and a wall honoring all S8UL content producers and gamers are on display. The main purpose of this area will be to give the makers and gamers a place to socialize. Two further rooms on the first level have titles that allude to certain gaming maps. Each of these rooms can accommodate two esports rosters and has six housing spaces. The S8UL Gaming House 2.0 is located on the top level and contains many rooms for content producers in addition to a large pool table in the middle. The content creators will sleep and rest on this floor, which is designated as the “Sleeping Den.” The content creation area is located on the third level of this building, where the entire crew will operate from individual workspaces.

Mortal’s YouTube

This young player joined YouTube on September 24th, 2013, but he really started to take it seriously following the release of PUBG Mobile. His Youtube channel now has 7.03M subscribers. He posts a wide range of things on his channel. His channel contains everything, including videos for PC games like Valorant and PUBG as well as mobile games like COD Mobile, Clash Royale, and more. He frequently broadcasts live on his YouTube channel as well.