5 Easy Tips to Improve Mental Health Amid Stress And Work Load

Tips to Improve Mental Health: Maintaining your mental health is something that should be taken care of all the time and not just when you’re having trouble or feeling down, apprehensive, or upset. Similar to how we should prioritize our physical health, it is something we should consider constantly. Taking care of our mental health makes it easier for us to operate on a daily basis.Also Read – Mental Health Tips: Struggling With Depression? These Food Items Can Help You Calm Down Your Mood – Watch Video

Importance of Mental Health:

  • Helps to deal with the stress
  • Helps in rational thinking
  • Helps with self-esteem
  • Helps to create a balance in life
  • Helps with productive working

According to nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, “There is a correlation between nutritional deficiencies and mental health. Poor food choices, high levels of stress, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise, and excess caffeine consumption are all contributing factors to bad mental health. Any deficiency in the body affects the brain and you can help your mind by fine tuning your diet.” Also Read – Instagram Beauty Filters to Snapchat Facetune- How Whitewashed Beauty Standard Affects Your Mental Health


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  1. Have a Nutritious Breakfast
  2. Avoid Food That Causes Toxic Overload
  3. Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco And Coffee
  4. Increase Your Protein Intake
  5. Try Vitamin-B Supplements

Over the course of a lifetime, anyone can have mental or emotional health issues. It is advised to have strong social networks which have been linked to lower blood pressure and a longer life expectancy.

Good mental health has an impact on everything we do, think, and say!

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