Ayurveda tips to improve metabolism; dos and don’ts you must remember

Having a good metabolism is important for the healthy functioning of the body. It is the process by which your body converts what you consume into energy. Having a slow metabolism not only leads to weight gain but a series of health issues from skin troubles, hair loss, chronic fatigue, difficulty in concentration to unhealthy cravings.  (Also read: Is your dinner time raising your risk of stroke? Know what an expert has to say)

In Ayurveda, metabolism is often used interchangeably with metabolic rate and can be taken as time required by dhatus (tissues) for exogenous metabolism from poshak rasa (nutrients), Prof. Dr. Kalpana Dilip Sathe, HOD, Department of Kriya Sharir AIIA, New Delhi told HT Digital in an interview. Dr Sathe says specific time is required for producing specific amount of bala (energy), ushma (heat) and the rate of dhatu tarpana (diffusion) and that desha and kaala (environmental & temperature) modify this metabolic rate.

According to Ayurveda, to improve metabolism, one should avoid:

– Eating at irregular time and during late night

– Consuming foods that are not wholesome

– Eating before the last meal is fully digested

– Having heavy meals

– Consuming too much water

– Consuming alcohol

– Eating incompatible foods

– Eating contaminated foods

– Consuming fine powders

– Eating newly cropped cereals.

“Besides this, one should also avoid high-intensity workout, excessive walking, and standing for long hours,” says the Ayurveda expert.

What one should do for good metabolism

One should strive to lead an active life and consume two main diets in a day at proper intervals so as to ensure the previously consumed diet is digested well. It is also important to note that fruits should always be consumed before a meal, says Dr Sathe.

The expert suggests people to modify the diet and lifestyle according to prakriti, seasons and age.

Variety in dietary items is also suggested but mixing good – which means homemade and fresh – and bad food items should be avoided to improve metabolism. Packaged, tinned, ready to eat, fast food, refrigerated for long duration, outside food items, food items having opposite property as fish and milk, fruits and milk, stale and contaminated food must be avoided as per Ayurveda.

“Charak Samhita strictly warns against consuming excessively sour, salty, bitter, and alkali foods. It also mentions that sleeping during daytime, excessive sex, and emotions such as anger and grief shorten one’s life span,” concludes Dr Sathe.

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