Benefits of Malai: 5 Reasons Why Fresh Milk Cream Should Be There in Your Diet

Many recipes call for handmade cream or malai, which can be used in everything from food to desserts. However, because of the number of calories in the meal, we do measure it before using it. But, in case you didn’t know, malai is rich in nutrients and fats. If consumed in moderation, these nutrients are considered  extremely beneficial for the health. Here’s a rundown of everything this fantastic dairy product can achieve, from body growth to beautiful hair and skin. Read on to know!Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: Is Rice Calorie-Dense or Low-Calorie? 5 Things You Should Know

5 Reasons Why Ghar ki Malai Should be There in Your Diet: 

Energy Booster: Malai has a high fat content, which boost energy in your body . It also compensates for the calorie loss, as it contains 455 kcal. If you’re trying to lose weight, stay away from it, but if you’re feeling low on energy, beat up some cream and mix it with some granola and fruits. Also Read – Vastu Tips For Placing Rose Plant: These Directions Ensure Positive Energy at Home

Beneficial for eyes: Fresh cream contains vitamin A, which is considered beneficial for eyes. Vitamin A helps with the rapid changes in light and dark that we occasionally encounter, as well as taking care of our night vision and keeping us safe from night blindness and cataracts. Also Read – 5 Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Water

Healthy for skin: If you want to avoid using chemically rich cosmetic brands, then the thick cream layer of the fat sitting at the top of the milk is your perfect savior. Malai is beneficial for skin as it provides natural glow, prevents ageing, dark spots, tightens pores and softens the skin

Good for hair: Fresh cream, which is high in protein, keeps our hair healthy and protects it from hair damage. It has a efficient source of protein which leads to hair growth .There are a variety of malai hair masks that can be created at home as well.

Helps in avoiding kidney stones: Kidney stones can be a serious problem, which is where the calcium in malai comes in. Those who suffer from kidney stones should consume dairy products, just keep it to a reasonable amount and don’t overdo it.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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