Health tips to manage your weight during festivals without stopping yourself from having delicious festive food

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Festivals are a great excuse to have a wonderful time with friends and family as food brings people together and any celebration is incomplete without them. So, do not hold yourself back but make smart and conscious choices since health experts believe that stopping yourself from having some good food during this time can have a negative impact on your mind and also lead to a loss of motivation.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Vedharth Thappa, Fitness Instructor and Founder of Scopetrain, suggested ringing in this Diwali by making small changes or small wins that set your health for success in the long run. He advised, “Don’t be too harsh on yourself by not giving into temptations. One day of enjoying doesn’t change much of you if you spend the rest of the year training and working towards your goals. So, take it easy this Diwali and be back in the gym to burn all those calories the next day. Stay focused stay hungry!”

According to Sandeep Jangala, Founder of VLOGS Food Pvt Ltd, “The number one rule to manage your weight during this time is to ensure that you don’t skip your workouts. Try workouts that help you burn more calories. This ensures you have those extra calories available for indulging yourself in delicious sweets and namkeens. Try going for a long run or go for a HIIT workout to burn those extra calories. You can also prepare yourself for the festival a bit in advance by ensuring you don’t skip your workouts leading up to the festival time.”

He added, “Another key thing to remember is to control your portion intakes, especially when it comes to sweets. Instead of going for an unlimited number of Kaju Kaltis, try having 1 or 2. You can limit intake of sugary drinks, such as colas, sugary fruit juices, as well as deep fried snacks.”

Sandeep Jangala recommended, “You can also go for alternative foods that are made using healthy ingredients and are low in calories. Go for sugar-free alternative sweets or cakes, try food made using millet to ensure you get through these days without putting on too much weight. You can also make healthy alternatives at home by substituting high-calorie ingredients like ghee and try baking or air frying instead of deep oil frying.”

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