Menstrual Myth Busted: Can Women Swim During Their Periods? Here’s What We Know

Periods can be inconvenient, especially if they arrive unexpectedly during your well-planned beach vacation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t swim.Also Read – Menstrual Myth Busted: You Should NOT Exercise During Periods? Here’s What We Know

You can swim while using products such as tampons, menstrual discs, or menstrual cups without affecting your or others’ hygiene. These products help to prevent any unintentional leaks into the water, saving you time and money. Tampons or menstrual cups are the best menstrual products to use while swimming. Pads are not a good option because they cannot absorb your menstrual flow once wet. Also Read – How to Make Your Periods Less Painful: 5 Remedies to Try

Tampons are excellent menstrual products because they absorb blood before it reaches your garments. You can also choose brand new or freshly cleaned menstrual caps, which collect blood without allowing it to exit your vagina. If you are concerned about getting stains or spots even after wearing a tampon, choose a dark-colored swimsuit. Also Read – Painful Cramps? 5 Foods to Avoid During Your Periods Cycle

Can Swimming during periods cause infection?

Swimming during your period can cause vaginal or menstrual infections, which is a myth. A vaginal infection is unlikely to occur if proper precautions are taken. To go a step further, make sure you inquire with the local authorities about water quality information.

Chlorine, which is present in almost all swimming pools, can occasionally be harmful to the vagina. So, after you get out of the pool, remember to shower and change into clean clothes. Because prolonged exposure to these chemicals can increase the risk of infection.

Can Swimming makes menstrual cramps worse?

Swimming during your period is not only safe, but also a good idea. Staying active has been shown to help relieve cramping and fatigue during the monthly period. Physical activities such as swimming or exercise can actually help you relieve period pain and discomfort.  Low-intensity activities, such as swimming, cause the release of endorphins. These endorphins serve as natural pain relievers for your body, relieving you of the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps.

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