‘National Spoon Of India’: Hilarious Post Shows Spoon Found In Every Desi Kitchen

Every Indian kitchen has an array of essential components. There are the daily-use steel thalis to the special crockery reserved only for guests. We have a non-stick Tawa to make delicious dosas, while there is also a cast iron tawa to make fulfilling rotis. There is also one element of the Indian kitchen that is surprisingly quite common among households – the steel spoon. This one particular spoon is found in practically every desi household’s kitchen, and you’ll be able to relate when you see the design. Take a look:

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The picture was shared in the sub-Reddit r/IndiaSpeaks by user u/iamnandy. It has received over 4.1k upvotes and hundreds of comments since it was shared. “Petition to declare this the National Spoon of India,” wrote the user in the caption of the post. In the picture, we could see our usual stainless-steel spoon – but the design on it was the same as the one we all have at our homes. Strangely enough, this spoon seems to be a common feature in every Indian household.

Reddit users couldn’t help but express their amazement in the comments. Many wrote their thoughts and were utterly surprised to see this spoon was a common feature in the desi kitchens. “Almost everyone has this spoon,” wrote one user. “I still have one left, the rest disappeared over the years,” laughed another one. “I have two sizes of this kind of spoon! Therefore, I’m more desi than you are,” said another user.

Take a look at the funniest reactions here:

This is not the only bizarre news to have gone viral on Reddit recently. In June, a cookbook claimed that a strange curry recipe made with apple was the ‘National Dish of India’ much to desi Reddit’s surprise.

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