Tandoori Chicken Roll Ups: This Snack Will Make Your Weekend Better

It goes without saying there are plenty of chicken recipes and they all are delicious in their own unique ways. But let’s be real, when you’ve got a craving for something less oily, smokey and delicious, your taste buds automatically stop at Tandoori Chicken. Spicy, smoked and all things indulgent, Tandoori chicken is basically a showstopper at any event. While our heart is stuck at the authentic Tandoori chicken recipe, there are other tandoori chicken experiments that are equally delicious and definitely worth trying. For instance, Tandoori chicken pizza, tandoori chicken pops, sandwiches and much more. Adding to this fiery list, we have come across one more Tandoori chicken recipe that can be a great option to enjoy as an indulgent weekend meal. Besides, they can also be a perfect starter for any party or get together. It is called Tandoori chicken roll ups.

You all must have tried various chicken roll recipes, but this particular chicken roll up is a game changer. Wondering how to make it? Read the recipe below. If you are thinking, this recipe requires back-breaking efforts and a lot of time in its preparation! Well, we are happy to tell you, it’s one of the easiest chicken starters to make. Let’s get started.

Tandoori Chicken Roll Ups Recipe: How To Make Tandoori Chicken Roll Ups

To start with the recipe, take a mixing bowl, add paprika powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, salt, garam masala powder, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, yogurt and mix well. Add boneless chicken fillets and marinate for about 20-25 mins.

Once the chicken is marinated properly, heat oil in a pan, deep fry the filets until crisp. Chop the fillets and prepare the yogurt sauce.

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Now that you know how to make it, try it this weekend and let us know how everyone liked it! Happy Weekend You All!

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