Viral: Kid Making ‘Chocolate Milk Tea’ For Mother Wins Hearts On Internet

If there is one thing that is most viewed on the internet, then it has to be the baby videos. Every now and then, we come across various such viral videos featuring kids and their cute antics. Recently, one such video that brought smile on our face is of a kid making chocolate milk tea for her mother. Sounds cute; isn’t it? Posted on Instagram by the handle saruh2themax, the video features the kid standing in front of her play kitchen and asking her mother, “What do you want ma’am?” The mother replies, “Do you have any tea?” Next, we could see the kid preparing her imaginary tea with chocolate milk, tea leaves and more.

“What do you want ma’am?” the kid asks again. “I’m still waiting for my tea…” the mother replies. The kid quickly prepares the tea and serves her mother in a cup and exclaims, “Happy Tea Party!” Take a look at the adorable video:

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“Willow’s diner now serves chocolate milk tea!” the video caption reads. It’s so cute; isn’t it? The video in no time went viral on the internet, garnering more than two lakh likes and thousands of comments by several internet users.

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Find some heart-warming comments below:

“She is super cute. How old she is?” asks an Instagram user. Another person says, “I want to have a tea with her too.”

“This baby made my morning happy,” states another person. A fourth comment reads, “Phenomenal service. 5 stars, 10/10, would come again”.

Another person states, “I’m going to take her away in my pocket.” A comment also reads, “I think that look was more like “she has the audacity to ask for tea again when I clearly gave her chocolate milk?”

What are your thoughts on thoughts on the kid and her ‘amazing’ tea-making skills? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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