Watch out for these in your 40s to ensure optimum gynecological health

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Menopause is a state of female hormonal deprivation considered as an inevitable stage that every woman has to go through and it is often normalized and not considered as something that needs care but just another phase of life. However, once a woman enters her 40s, there are various symptoms and signs that indicate that menopause is approaching where the body starts losing estrogen and the appearance of hot flashes is one of the commonest indicators of menopause and peri-menopause.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Anita Kant, Chairman and HOD, Gynaec and Obstetrics at Asian Institute of Medical Science in Faridabad, shared “Menopause is an extremely delicate phase when physical and emotional changes take place rapidly. A woman needs not only physical care and support from health experts but also adequate attention to her diet, intimate hygiene, and wellness.”

She advised, “It is critical to ensure that the mood swings and other changes caused by hormone deficiency at this stage don’t adversely impact one’s ability to enjoy life or to care for personal wellness. Consultations with a gynecologist and following an intimate and sexual wellness program along with exercises and dietary discipline can help women lead an easy normal life.”

Dr Ameya Kulkarni Kanakiya, Gynaecologist and Co-Founder at Elda Health, highlighted, “Night sweats, pain during intercourse, heightened anxiety, irritability and changes in your skin leading to dryness and pigmentation are also among the common symptoms. Apart from that, hormonal imbalances can also cause emotional distress and fatigue.”

She suggested, “One should go for regular medical screenings post 40 to avoid ignoring any health complications down the line. Nowadays, online consultations and support from gynaecologists is available and it is important to make the optimum use of the available healthcare support channels during menopause and the pre-menopause stage.”

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