Angela Merkel admired talking to Prime Minister Modi, says German envoy

German Ambassador to India Walter J Lindner on Wednesday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s leadership skills and noted that former German Chancellor Angela Merkel always admired talking to him. “Former German chancellor Angela Merkel always admired talking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She always asked him how did he run such a big country,” Walter said.

The German envoy further claimed that the ‘present geopolitical situation has pushed EU- India agreement towards FTA and alignment with international bodies.’

Walter, who is set to retire as the German envoy to India, was addressing a press conference at the German Embassy.

“I’m leaving in four weeks from this country, I have to retire. Soon my job as GER Amb to India & Buthan comes to an end. I came to IND in 1976, the country has been in my veins, and never left me, so this time leaving the H.E. behind is just the beginning of another chapter of my exploration of IND magic & mysticism. A lifelong journey,” Walter tweeted.

Walter had earlier stated that Germany respects India’s stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and it never intended to criticise New Delhi over the same.

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