India-UK launches joint Commonwealth Diplomatic Academy programme

Foreign Ministers of the UK and India on Saturday announced the establishment of a joint India-UK Commonwealth Diplomatic Academy programme.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said, “In an increasingly geopolitical world, we must champion the Commonwealth values of democracy and sovereignty. The UK and India are helping to build a modern Commonwealth fit for the 21st century and delivering tangible benefits for its members. That’s why we are working together on a new Commonwealth Diplomatic Academy programme, which will equip young diplomats with expertise and training they will need to tackle the global challenges we face.”

Joint statement by Truss and External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar on the establishment of an India-UK Commonwealth Diplomatic Academy programme was released on the occasion.

“Foreign Secretary Truss and External Affairs Minister Jaishankar underlined the value they place on a strong and revitalised Commonwealth family, fit for the 21st century and delivering clear value and tangible benefits for all members. Both Ministers are pleased to announce that a joint India-UK Commonwealth Diplomatic Academy programme is to be hosted in New Delhi, India. The Academy programme will equip young diplomats from all Commonwealth Member States with expertise and training on global challenges. They underlined the UK and India’s commitment to delivering a truly connected, innovative and transformative future for the Commonwealth family which supports the needs and expectations of all Member States.”

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