Plastic prohibition: ₹3.75 lakh collected as fines in Kannur

Fines amounting to more than ₹3.5 lakh was collected in a month and a half as inspections were tightened in Kannur to prevent the sale and use of single-use plastic products.

Inspections were conducted in 3,724 institutions under the leadership of local self-governing institutions during this period. A fine of ₹3,74,700 was collected from 2,646 institutions where violations were noticed.

A special team of local body secretary, assistant secretary, and health inspector was formed, and the inspections are to be conducted thrice in a month.

Inspection were conducted in 31 panchayats in the district. Chirakkal grama panchayat collected maximum fines with ₹35,000 from 102 institutions. Cherukunnu panchayat conducted maximum number of inspections, and collected ₹8,600 from 168 institutions.

Local Self-Government Department Joint Director T.J. Arun informed that the action was initiated after conducting an awareness campaign against single-use plastics.

The department of Local Self-Government has started the process of bringing alternative products to the market, Mr. Arun added.

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