Rare display of Mapila dishes mark school opening

Thousands of children reached the school campuses in the district on Wednesday, bringing back the spirit edutainment deprived by COVID-19 for the last two years.

In their zest to be different from others, many schools resorted to unique means to attract the children.

The Government Higher Secondary School, Thrikkavu, Ponnani, where the district-level school opening festival took place, offered a wide variety of exclusive Malabar dishes. The Mapila dishes of Ponnani, known for their traditional charm, brought back not only the memories of the older generation, but also titillation to palates.

Among the dishes on display were Muttamala, Muttasurka, Unnakkaya, Theevandiyappam, Kidanthappam, Manda, and Chukkappam. Many of them were becoming a rarity with the new generation preferring various junk foods. “It is an amazing display of 90 items,” said Abdul Rahman, a parent who reached the school with his tiny tot.

Minister for Sports V. Abdurahman inaugurated the district level festival.

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