Rumblings in Supreme Court against new system started last week | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: As per the new listing system by CJI U U Lalit, two-judge benches have been assigned 30-odd after-notice cases, to be dealt in 120 minutes, which amounted to each case getting on average four minutes of judicial attention. However, the Chief Justice of India has already reduced the case count from 30 to 20 on these three days from Tuesday.
The rumblings among judges against the new system had started last week. A twojudge bench of Supreme Court on Friday had refused to grant adjournment of hearing saying they have read the case file by working till late evening and that the advocate must not expect them to devote time again for reading it afresh on some other day.
But, it was forced to adjourn hearing in another case, saying, “The case files reached us at the eleventh hour and we had no time to read them. ” With the ‘list of business’ published late in the day, the registry struggled to make available case files at the judges’ residences in time for the judges to read it.
Another two-judge bench of Supreme Court on Friday brushed aside repeated requests from an advocate to fix the next date of hearing for the case which was getting adjourned, and said that he was not able to honour the dates he had fixed earlier for cases as the mode of listing has changed.

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