Telangana Village, Home to 400 Temples, a Representation of Kakatiya Rulers’ Spiritual Legacy

A village in Telangana state has been representing the Kakatiya rulers’ spiritual legacy with as many as 400 temples.  A rare Lord Shiva Temple with three Shiva Lingams has been representing the historical significance of the village.

Nagunoor is a village that is 9 km away from the Karimnagar district headquarters. Nagunoor got special recognition with as many as 400 temples where some of the temples were buried underground. According to local people, the original name of the village is Nannoor, and later changed to Nagunoor.

According to historians, the area adjacent to the village with huge hillocks was ruled by the Kakatiyas where the rulers found the arrival of the enemies by observing from the giant hillocks. The historians said that the areas which were ruled under the Kakatiya dynasty flourished with spiritual practices.

As the Kakatya rulers were staunch devotees of Lord Shiva, a temple in the village called Trikuta Temple had its own significance with three Siva Lingams installed here. Though the temple was not in condition, the work of sculpture art on the stones has been looking fresh without any trace of decay.

Most of the temples in the villages were made of red stone, which symbolizes the civilization of those days with ponds, wells with steps, and underground tunnels to facilitate the secret movement of the army constructed on the premises of the places of worship.

The locals said that there are instances of discovering the temples during the construction of houses in the village. According to them, an idol of Nandi was found recently when one of the villagers performed a groundbreaking ceremony to construct the house. According to the archeologists, the discovery of idols of Nandi, ponds, and other structures of the temples was due to their submergence in the land long back.

The age-old structures have been facing threats from treasure hunters, where the idol of the Nandi was damaged as part of their treasure hunt. The locals urged the officials concerned to develop the village as one of the tourist places like Hampi in Karnataka and take measures to protect the centuries-old sculpture from treasure hunters.

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