12 Once Normal Baby Names That Pop Culture Basically Ruined

Harry Potter – Hermione’s Most Sassy Moments

If you were a certain kind of hyper-literate/pretentious parent in the mid 1990s, you might have named your daughter “Hermione” to ensure she would have an exotic, unusual name to mark her as the child of parents who like old books. You’d have no idea that you were actually sentencing her to the most cheugy name possible and a lifetime of explaining, “Actually, I was named after Hermione Seymour, the main character in Charlotte Lennox 1791 novel Hermione, or the Orphan Sister.”

Longterm Forecast: Because people don’t read books as much any more, the Harry Potter association with “Hermione” is likely to wane, but the meaning of the name is forever tainted. It will never have the same cachet it did before Harry Potter.

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