8 Ways to Make Takeout Cheaper and Healthier, According to Reddit

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Taco Bell has a My Cravings Box that’s only available if you order online. For about $5 you can choose a specialty item like a chalupa, a classic item like a taco, a side, and a drink.

The McDonald’s app “often has free sandwiches or fries with a $1 (small drink) order,” redditor Inevitable-Place9950 writes, and you can tack on condiments like butter, creamers, and jelly for free. Dipping sauces are also free, they note, and you can use those to jazz up staple foods at home, whether by dipping veggies into them or mixing them with canned chicken. Other redditors note that you can get these deals multiple times per day, sometimes as soon as 15 minutes after placing the first order—so you can pick up the second order as soon as you’ve finished eating the first.

Panera’s “sip club” costs $11 per month, but you get unlimited drinks for the price. Inevitable-Place9950 points out that besides the lemonades, coffee, tea, and soda, this can be worthwhile for travelers and unhoused folks: go to the bathroom, get some hot water for your ramen, and rack up visits in their reward system that you can trade in for free food and discounts later.


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