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It is safe to say that more than gripping storylines and a star-studded cast, our local audience appreciates the magic of a good on-screen couple more than anything else. Recent film and television additions have paid heed to this unspoken rule and viewers couldn’t be happier. From global hits like Ms. Marvel to local hits like Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad, our screens have been blessed by a selection of pairings that viewers can’t get enough of.

Fawad and Mehwish

The star duo recently graced our screens in the miniseries Ms. Marvel, their captivating chemistry as the great-grandparents of our main character undeniable. With Fahad playing Hasan, the outspoken activist in the village Mehwish’s character Aisha lands upon, the on-screen couple falls naturally in place. Viewers have the pleasure of witnessing their chemistry through flashbacks, building their home and family together until the Partition separates the two forever.

Fahad and Mahira

They made their first silver screen appearance together in the Eid box office hit Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad, a first-of-its-kind action-comedy based on a policeman played by Fahad. As moviegoers witnessed how well the actors fit together, it appeared to be a pairing destined to be on screens. Mahira seemed to agree and told The Express Tribune, “I think with Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad, our stars aligned. You know when everything just goes effortlessly and there are no hurdles, you know then that it’s meant to be.”

Feroze and Ushna

It is no surprise that fans have been absolutely smitten by Feroze and Ushna’s sizzling connection in the drama Habs. Viewers love a good office romance trope, especially when it’s translated so well on screen through the acting chops of Feroze and Ushna. However, interactions have fans head over heels, with social media users even creating a “ship name” for the actors called #UshRoze. All in all, viewers are eager to see where the drama takes the couple as its 13th episode is due to air soon.

Atif and Kubra

When it was first announced that Atif would be making his transition to the small screen, people were a bit hesitant about how the renowned singer will be able to pull off his first acting role. But never to fear, for he has embodied his demanding character in Sang-e-Mah to a T. Of course, his talented co-star and on-screen love interest Kubra ensures their crackling chemistry never fizzles out as the drama beautifully re-tells William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a local context.

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