Abdul Hannan warns fans of scammer pretending to be him | The Express Tribune

In the age of advanced cybersecurity laws, digital scams are still prevalent. We’ve heard that people often fake celebrity accounts on social media, but it seems like fans will have to be extra careful after singer Abdul Hannan’s put out a disclaimer about someone impersonating him on Whatsapp.

The Bikhra singer took to Instagram stories to warn his fans, especially women, of the scam. “Recently, I have been getting a lot of DMs from people saying they’ve been talking to me on WhatsApp. It is fake, it is NOT ME. Do not respond, and most importantly do not go out for any meetup!” wrote Hannan.

He further assured his fans that his team is working to get to the bottom of this catfisher and scammer. “Impersonation and scheduling meetups are really dangerous. I urge all the girls reading this to be safe, and never go out for any meetup without proof of authenticity.”

Earlier in May, Hannan’s collaboration songs Bikhra and Iraaday were listed in Spotify’s top 10 songs with the former topping the chart. Overwhelmed by the love, he took to the media-sharing app to thank his fans for this “emotional” moment. “If you showed this to Hannan 4 months ago, he would’ve probably laughed and not believed it. This is such an emotional moment for me.”

He asserted that he’s come so far without any support. “No corporations, no brand sponsorships, no big studios, no labels, no platform support, literally nothing. [I did] all of this while managing my full-time job as a software engineer. All I had was you guys, my genuine listeners and supporters. I have nothing but gratitude. I love you all so much,” read the caption.

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