Are You Boring? These Symptoms Reveal If You Are

Your personality speaks a lot about who you are and how you conduct yourself in different situations. People who are interesting and add to conversations are loved everywhere and their presence is demanded in get-togethers.

But when you do not have anything to add to the conversation or cannot indulge in interesting activities or discussions, you often come across as boring and that makes you unwanted. Here are some of the most significant traits to identify if you are a boring person in the room, according to GQ:

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1) You don’t add anything

If you cannot contribute to a conversation and do not have any thoughts to share about a discussion, then you are unpreferable in a group hangout setup. This is because friends and family always have something to discuss. In a relationship, discussions are important to understand each other but if you are incapable of doing, it is time you improve.

2) You watch too much TV

If you watch too much TV and cannot get rid of the screen even when there are people around you, it is a red flag. It is important to know when to consume content and when to talk or indulge in other activities.

3) Negative approach

If you have a negative mindset and always approach a problem or a situation with a pessimistic point of view, you are one of the boring ones. The reason for this is that whenever you open your mouth to talk about something, you would point out a problem first rather than tackle it properly. A pessimist immediately tones down the enthusiasm in a room.

4) Bad storytelling

When you cannot interestingly explain scenarios while also keeping the facts right, then you fall under the boring category. It is important to learn the art of storytelling without focusing too much on unnecessary details. Taking too long to explain something is also one of the symptoms of being bad at storytelling, thereby being boring.

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