Furious mom slams school that punished her teen daughter twice for wearing shorts

A mother on TikTok has spoken out against her teenage daughter’s school dress code after she was dress-coded and given an extra large shirt, only to be dress-coded again because an administrator couldn’t see her shorts.

The parent, who goes by the name Stasia on the app, shared how her daughter fought back against the dress code by staging a protest at her school. But when the boys joined in by wearing crop tops to class, it was only the girls who were chastised for breaking the school dress code.

Stasia, who also works as a teacher at a separate school, began posting the series of videos earlier this week when she first learned of her daughter’s rebellion from a school administrator. In the first video, which has since received more than 106k views, Stasia says that the administrator called her at work, saying that her daughter said “F**k your dress code” and walked out of the school.

However, the parent seemed supportive of her daughter standing up to the school dress code, saying in the video: “Shoulders, midriffs, and legs aren’t the problem. Talk to the boys/men who claim it’s distracting.”

The TikTok received praise from fellow parents who also called out dress codes for being too strict. Other users applauded Stasia for her parenting skills and even requested her daughter’s autograph “because that girl is going places.”

In a following video, Stasia provided an update, saying that her daughter organised a protest of the school’s dress code.

“Today, she’s organized a white tank top-wearing day, so they’re all wearing white tank tops with messages on them,” she said in the TikTok video. “My 19-year-old son helped her make hers last night, which reads on the front of it, ‘Do my shoulders distract you because you’re reading the front of my shirt?’”

The mom added that she’s sure she will receive multiple calls about the protest from the school’s administration, but “they knew this was coming.”

“My children have stood up against racist teachers, my children have stood up when other children were deadnamed by ignorant teachers, my daughter refused to take straight sex education as a non-straight student,” she continued.

Stasia went on to add that the boys at her daughter’s school joined in on the protest by wearing crop tops, but none of them were sent home. Meanwhile, her daughter was allegedly dress-coded within the first ten minutes of the school day. When she was sent to the office, a boy followed her and asked the administration why he was not being dress-coded for his crop top. Stasia explained that the administration told the boy to go back to class, where he kept cutting his shirt shorter until they dress-coded him.

The girls, on the other hand, were given extra large shirts to cover up their white tank tops. Stasia claimed they were dress-coded a second time when a school administrator couldn’t see their shorts, which were covered by the large shirt.

“I’m just watching from the sidelines proud as hell and waiting. She’s got this,” Stasia said.

The mom’s video received thousands of comments from TikTokers who called out the hypocrisy of the school’s double dress code: “So the principal dress-coded the girls for the outfits HE put them in? I have no words.”

Others pointed out how there’s a double standard to dress-coding male students at school, but praised the boy who supported Stasia’s daughter in her protest.

“I want to know how cropped he had to make his shirt till they finally decided to dress code him,” said one person.

“I love that the boys are supporting her and showing up,” commented someone else. “I’m trying so hard to teach my boys to be this way.”

One TikTok user wrote: “It feels like boys are starting to figure out it’s cooler to be on the girls’ side and I love it.”

“My 7th grade son and most of his male classmates started wearing crop tops in protest of one of their female friends getting dress coded,” shared another user. “Love these kids.”

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