‘Healthy coke’ recipe with balsamic vinegar goes viral

A so-called “healthy coke” recipe mixing balsamic vinegar with sparking water has emerged as the latest drink trend to go viral on social media.

The beverage was first introduced by in a video posted by Amanda Jones on TikTok, where she explained that she was making “a healthy coke” that her pilates instructor drinks “almost every day”.

“It’s a healthy alternative to Coke,” she said. “And I am not joking you, it tastes just like a coke. And you’re going to think I’m insane.”

She could be seen pouring a splash of balsamic vinegar in a glass filled with ice, before filling the rest of the cup with La Croix guava-flavoured sparkling water.

However, she noted “any flavour” of sparkling water could be used in the recipe, as she mixed the drink with a spoon.

“It tastes like a Coke,” she added. “And it’s healthy and it’s good for you.”

As of 9 June, Jones’ video has more than 5.5m views, with many TikTok users in the comments saying there was “zero chance that [the drink] tastes like coke”.

People on Twitter have emphasised their disbelief over the viral Coca-Cola recipe, noting how they made the drink themselves, one of which said: “It largely tastes like balsamic and lemon sparkling water. So either I did it wrong or the Diet Coke cabal has lost their goddamn taste buds.”

Others expressed how they won’t be replacing the soda with Jones’ beverage idea and that a Diet Coke could be the better substitute to a regular Coke.

“I am a proud Diet Coke drinker and I will absolutely not be putting balsamic vinegar as a replacement,” one wrote.

“People are adding balsamic vinegar to club soda and calling it coke,” another wrote. “For the love of god Diet Coke is literally zero calories. What more do you want.”

A third user added: “I am begging the tiktok girlies to drink a diet coke or a coke zero and not this monstrosity of seltzer and balsamic vinegar.”

Nutritionist Shana Spence also acknowledged that although Coca-Cola isn’t the healthiest drink, there doesn’t necessarily need to be an alternative of it, as people can enjoy the drink in moderation.

“Is Coke a beverage that we should drink every single day for meals? Probably not,” she tweeted. “But do we really need to replace it with balsamic vinegar? I really don’t think so. My point is that we as a society have become obsessed with the idea of health and healthifying every food/drink.”

“Not everything is meant to provide nutrients. Some foods/drinks are meant for pleasure and social connections,” she continued. “Listen if you want to drink balsamic vinegar, that’s fine. But we really don’t have to call it healthy Coke. It’s a balsamic vinegar drink.”

The ‘healthy Coke’ recipe has continued trending, as Hoda Kotb and Jenn Bush Hager tried it on Today With Hoda and Jenna Wednesday morning.

However, after they tasted it, both of them agreed that they didn’t like the beverage and that it didn’t taste like Coke.

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