Japanese Natto for Healthy Gut and Perfect Bone Strength

Here are numerous benefits of popular Japanese natto, like how it strengthens bones and immunity.

Natto is primarily consumed in Japan, but because of its health benefits, it is increasingly becoming available in other western countries. Natto has several benefits, from nourishing the intestines to boosting the immune system. This traditional Japanese dish is regarded as an outstanding classic because of its potent flavour, slimy texture, and peculiar aroma. Natto is recognised as a superfood for a variety of reasons, including potential advantages for the digestive system.

Here are 4 reasons why eating natto is really healthy for you.

1. It makes digestion easier

Probiotics, which are very good for your stomach and digestion, are abundant in natto. Natto contains enough probiotics when used regularly to help prevent diarrhoea. Natto has approximately as many probiotics per gramme as the bulk of other fortified foods that are high in probiotics.

2. It helps maintain a healthy heart

Probiotics and fibres can be found in natto. They work together to lower the body’s cholesterol levels. Natto kinase, an enzyme that aids in dissolving blood clots and maintaining a smooth blood flow within the body, is created during the fermentation of natto. In fact, natto might be a better blood thinner than expensive blood thinners because it has no side effects and has a long-lasting benefit.

3. It aids in burning fat

Products derived from fermented soy have been linked to both weight loss and better overall health. Natto’s high probiotic content may aid in weight loss because probiotics and other dietary supplements might assist you avoid gaining weight and the accumulation of fat mass in your body. Probiotics may lessen how many calories we absorb from the food we eat.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

4. It encourages strong bones

The inevitable effects of human ageing include bone thinning and weakness. The inevitable effects of human ageing include bone thinning and weakness. Fortunately, there is a strong positive correlation between a natto diet and bone health. High levels of vitamin K2 are present in natto, which is what reduces bone stiffness. Vitamin K2 is beneficial for increasing mineral density and preventing osteoporosis (a condition where bones become weak and brittle).

The consumption of natto and other fermented foods requires some getting used to. But there are clear benefits to taking it frequently. Although cold is the finest way to eat it, you can also try mixing it with other foods, such vegetables, if the flavour doesn’t appeal to you.

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