Maldives to Build Floating City to House 20,000 People By 2027

Maldives has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. The island country offers a breathtaking view of the blue ocean and attracts luxury seekers across the globe. The Maldives is now on a mission to build a floating city to accommodate around 20 thousand people. This man-made island will be located about ten minutes from the capital city Malé. The Maldives Floating City project is said to be completed by 2027.

About the Maldives Floating City

The lagoon will be close to the capital and International Airport. The man-made island will consist of several floating housing units. The floating city will also have shops, schools, residential areas, hotels and restaurants. The city’s design is based on a canal network which will run between the buildings. It will comprise modular hexagonal segments connected to an outer ring of barrier islands.

According to CNN, residents can start moving to the island’s completed sections around 2024. The city will be resilient to eco-friendly floating projects and developers will also take care of the marine ecosystem. As per the press release, artificial banks will be attached to the underside of the city, which will stimulate coral to grow naturally.

“The submerged and protected coral reefs of the lagoon will provide a natural wave (reduction) breaker that, in combination with the interrelated grid of floating structures, provides comfort and safety for the residents,” the press release read.

The Maldives is a country of around 1,200 small coral islands. According to NASA, it is the lowest-lying country in the world, and the average elevation is one metre or 3.3 feet above sea level. The country saw mass destruction by the waves triggered by the Tsunami of December 2004.

Furthermore, a floating city can manage to stay unaffected as it will rise with the rising water level.

Though it is not the first floating city plan, it will be the first one to be executed. In December 2021, Busan, South Korea accepted the plans of building a floating neighbourhood to house around 12 thousand people.

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