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For a love story to resonate with the audience, no matter how tragic or a fairy tale it is, it’s important for the actors to exude chemistry that makes their desire for each other believable. Some on screen couples create unmatchable sparks, an almost palpable energy and for Sarmad Khoosat’s Kamli universe, Saba Qamar and Hamza Khawaja were the “perfect example” of chemistry between actors.

After four weeks of successful run in the cinemas, Khoosat took to his Instagram with a clip that sees Qamar and Khwaja (Hina and Amaltas) staring each other with their deep eyes craving for love for a screen test before shooting. Looking at their match, Khoosat was not only sold on the onscreen duo but also happy that the actors personified the characters.

Talking about how the alchemy of such profound chemistry is a mystery to him, Khoosat wrote, “The word chemistry is quite liberally used (and misused) for the dynamics that two (or more) actors exude on screen. The recipe or alchemy of it is quite a mystery to me. Even though it might sound immodest cos I’m talking about my own work but if there could be a picture perfect example of chemistry between two actors, this is what it’d look like.”

Sharing further details about the shot, he revealed that after this screen test, the Akhri Station director slept peacefully despite the anxiety of the actual shoot. “This was a screen test that we recorded after many many weeks of rehearsals and prep sessions and if I can recall correctly, we did just two takes and called it a wrap. I slept peacefully despite the anxiety of the actual shoot next morning because I was happy and confident that these two beautiful actors Saba Qamar and Hamza Khawaja ARE my Hina and Amaltas.”

Kamli, a haunting tale of love, loss and grief in a world full of traditional chaos, also stars Sania Saeed, Nimra Bucha and Omair Rana in pivotal roles. 

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