Scarlett Moffatt reveals TikTok trend that stopped her being ‘nasty’ to herself

Scarlett Moffatt has revealed that she learned how to be nicer to herself through a TikTok trend.

The 31-year-old television star spoke candidly about body positivity and how she wants people to “celebrate” their bodies no matter their size.

Moffat, who found fame through Channel 4’s Gogglebox, said she came across a TikTok trend that encourages people to share a photograph of their younger selves.

“Whenever I’m nasty to myself, I remember I’m talking to her,” she toldThe Sun’s Fabulous magazine.

“The thought of looking at a six-year-old and going, ‘You are this, you are that’… it’s awful. Just have this mini you in your head and try to be nice to them. It always helps me.”

Moffat also opened up about her experience of losing more than three stone (approximately 19kg) in 2016 and releasing a weight loss DVD called Scarlett’s SuperSlim Me Plan .

She found herself at the centre of controversy after it emerged that she dropped from a size 18 to size eight by severely restricting her diet to just 700 calories a day and exercising for six hours a day at a Swiss bootcamp.

Since then, Moffatt has said she “regretted” the situation and declined to take the £100,000 fee from the DVD.

She has also now returned to a size 18 and feels “happier” than she was when she was a size eight, she said.

Speaking about the body positivity movement, Moffatt said: “The thing with being body positive and having body confidence is just celebrating everybody’s body.

“I think sometimes people have this misconception that it’s like, ‘Fatties unite’. Genuinely, no matter what you look like, just celebrate you. As long as you are healthy, being yourself and you’re being nice to people, you do you. That’s the big thing I want to get across.”

The TV personality added that she wanted people “to not be so hard on themselves” and remembered missing out on parties and other events because she felt so self-conscious.

“I think back and go, ‘Why did I let that happen? Why did I let this bother me? I realised when I’m lying on my deathbed, I’m not going to remember that time I got loads of likes and looked really good.”

Last August, Moffatt gained praise after she posted a photograph of herself wearing a bikini for the first time in five years.

She wrote in the caption: “This shouldn’t be a big deal but it is and I’m actually crying whilst writing this.

“It’s took me so many years to gain confidence with my body. I’ve let it down at times and missed out on holidays and nights out because I’ve not liked what I’ve seen in the mirror.

“But hey, after five years of not daring to wear a bikini I’m actually doing it! So I hope this gives you the confidence to buy that dress, that bikini, not miss out just because your body doesn’t fit into a certain category.”

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