This 600 year old chakki in Punjab runs on water and is still functional – Times of India

Recently, a video from Punjab is going viral on social media for being the oldest flour mill. This video has been posted by a blogger named Jugraj Singh, who posted the video on his Instagram channel, food_founder_ and captioned the video as “600 years old Atta Chakki in Punjab”. More than a million users have viewed this video on Instagram and it has been liked by more than 5.7 lakh people.

As per the video, this chakki is called ‘Kraat’ and is located in Fatehgarh Churian of Gurdaspur district since the time of the Britishers, and it is the reason why this chakki or flour mill is old-fashioned. One of the many reasons this video is going viral is because this flour mill runs at the speed of the water. Surprising isn’t it?


Well, the person describing about this flour mill shares that the Chakki works with the strong current of flowing water, which never stops. If you by any chance get to visit this chakki, you will realise that the milled flour is always hot; however, the speciality of this mill is that the resulting flour is always cold.

Benefits of traditionally milled flour

This chakki reminds us of the earlier times when people used to get fresh flour milled by using traditional methods. Freshly milled flour is more nutritious as compared to the flour you get in the sealed package. This is also one of the reasons why many people these days cannot digest chapatis and develop allergies to gluten. The health of a person also remains good when they have freshly milled flour. These old-fashioned flour mills can only be found in small places these days. Not Just that, the freshly milled flour also tastes good as compared to the packaged one and makes soft chapatis.

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