Cultinno & Bajaj Electricals join hands to kick off innovation challenge

Cultinno, a social impact initiative aimed at driving a culture of innovation, has joined hands with Bajaj Electricals to launch what it calls a Bajaj Cultinno Challenge.

Cultinno with Bajaj is trying to find a solution that will keep water heaters operational despite being under high TDS conditions, it said in a press statement.

Cultinno co-founder Anuj Kothari said the organisation wasi “here to drive a culture of Innovation by making it a habit and contributing to creating an ecosystem. We are very eager to onboard the untapped innovators from Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities across India by breaching language and access barriers. The response has been great till now with many corporates willing to consider using the platform for their innovation needs.”

Bajaj Electricals MD Anuj Poddar said “In line with our ethos of open culture at Bajaj Electricals Limited, we are keen to partner with the external innovation ecosystem to offer solutions to real world problems and provide superior proposition to today’s consumers. We’re happy to partner with Cultino to bring to the fore solutions that are disruptive, implementable, scalable, and economically viable. I encourage innovators to take advantage of the unique opportunity and potentially see their ideas go on to take real shape and presence in the market. Together we can take the power of innovation to every Indian household.“
The Bajaj Cultinno Challenge is posed by Bajaj Electricals who are trying to improve water heaters even when they have to undergo high TDS conditions. Anyone above the age of 18 can participate, either individually or as a team of up to 10 innovators. There is a step-by-step guide on our website that guides us through the registration process. Once registered, the login provides access to the Cultinno ‘innovators only’ resources portal which will have all the tools needed to collaborate and build a proposed solution to the challenge. There will be 4 elimination rounds before the winner is announced, the statement said.

Cultinno has launched three challenges in total now. Two of them have been sponsored by corporates for their innovation needs and one is a community challenge for the larger benefit and the prize money of the same was crowdfunded. The winners can take cash prizes upto Rs 14 lakh.

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