Joe Biden lays emphasis on equality rights ahead of Pride Month; urges Congress to pass Equality Act

A day before the start of the pride month, The US President, Joe Biden, spoke about how the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans are assaulted. In the proclamation held on Tuesday, the president emphasized the struggle and discrimination that the people belonging to LGBTQI+ have to face in America to access basic human rights. He urges Congress to pass the Equality Act, enabling the long time overdue civil rights protection for LGBTQI+ Americans. Talking about the pain and sufferings of the natives, he stated that the introduction of dangerous anti-LGBTQI+ legislation targets transgender children and their families and constricts their access to healthcare facilities in the nation. Biden quoted the devastating fact that about 45% of LGBTQI+ American youth, tired of constant attacks on them and their fights for basic human rights, tried to attempt suicide last year.

US President’s support for LGBTQI+

Joe Biden proudly expressed his efforts to create an equal place for all, irrespective of their identity and love preferences. He claimed to have the backs of LGBTQI+ Americans and that they could be themselves and reach their God-given potential. The US President aims to focus on LGBTQI+ seniors and honours the strength of the LGBTQI+ community for constantly fighting to live freely. He reassures to bring equality, protection, and safety to LGBTQI+ families.

Q. What is Equality Act Bill?

Equality Act Bill is the US Legislation to protect the LGBTQI+ community against discrimination in various sectors like housing, employment, credit, health, and education. It is illegal:

If an employer discriminates, hires, or fires their employee on the basis of SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity)

If there is any sort of discrimination along with coercion in buying or selling the property, having homeowner insurance, shelter access, etc.

To deny all sorts of loans to LGBTQI+.

To refuse to serve or entertain the community in any public spaces.

Q. What provisions have been taken by the Florida Government to support LGBTQI+ Rights?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed “Don’t Say Gay” legislation in March 2022, which the opponents highly criticized. There will be a “Parental Rights in Education” bill in July as DeSantis strongly believes that parents play a crucial part in their children’s healthcare, education, and upbringing.

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