Novak Djokovic makes Roger Federer-like retirement ‘wish’: ‘Other than family, close ones, I’d love to have…’

Roger Federer admitted that his farewell in London at the Laver Cup felt like a “movie” in the presence of his biggest rivals – Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. It was an emotional goodbye for the 41-year-old as he bid adieu to the sport on Friday after having played his last match, a doubles alongside Nadal. Djokovic, who as well had tears in his eyes as his saw Federer draw curtains on his illustrious 24-year-long career, revealed that his wants a similar Federer-like retirement.

“It has been an epic career,” Djokovic said of Federer ahead of his first regular tennis match, at Tel Aviv, since the Wimbledon title haul. “He has left a legacy and mark that will be eternal. Roger transcended sport. He is one of the most recognised athletes of all time.

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“When I was on the court as well seeing his kids and his family, it got me emotional,” he said. “And also I must say I was thinking how it will look for me when I say goodbye.

“There is definitely one thing I would wish is that other than having my family and the people closest to me in my life there, I would love to have my biggest rivals there because it was something special and added importance to that moment.”

Djokovic, during Laver Cup, had assured that at 35, he doesn’t feel old enough to consider hanging his racquet yet. Djokovic, the fittest among the three, had in fact said he has made necessary adjustments to his schedule to look after his body.

“I’m not playing as much as I played few years ago. I want to peak at the best tournaments, biggest tournaments in the world, which are Grand Slams and some of the biggest ATP events, playing for my country,” the Serb had said. “That’s what gives me the most motivation and inspires me to play the best tennis. I really want to keep going. I don’t have the ending of my career on the horizon at the moment.

“I just want to keep going as long as I feel good and I can compete with the youngsters, that I could be one of the candidates to win Grand Slams.”

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