Over 100 Heads Of State Expected To Attend Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Over 100 Heads Of State Expected To Attend Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

Pallbearers from the Queen’s Colour Squadron carry the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II (AFP)


More than 100 kings, queens and heads of state are expected to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London on Monday.

The UK sent out invitations to every country with which the nation has diplomatic relations, except Russia, Belarus and Myanmar.

An unprecedented logistical and diplomatic operation is underway in the lead-up to the funeral, which will see the largest such gathering in Britain since the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.

World leaders will share a bus ride to Westminster Abbey, the venue for the funeral.

US President Joe Biden will be allowed to travel to the venue by car.

Westminster Abbey, the historic church in the heart of London, has a seating capacity for 2,000 people. It was here that the Queen wed Prince Philip in 1947.

Prior to the funeral, at Westminster Hall, the public will be allowed to pay their last respects, where the Queen will lie-in-state, from September 14 to 19.

The event is getting to be a logistical challenge for security officials, given thousands of people are expected to reach London by Monday to pay their last respects to their Queen of the last 70 years.

“The large crowds of people expected to gather will make it challenging to police. Mobile networks may be disrupted given the gathering in certain pockets of London. Protocols will be followed. For those paying respects ahead of the funeral in the coming days, long waiting times are anticipated,” a source in the Met police told NDTV.

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