Pizza with ice cream as a topping? Vendor’s creation shocks netizens. Watch

If you are looking for bizarre combinations of food that will make you question a lot of things, then you have probably found yourself in the right place. In a video that was shared on Instagram, one gets to see the preparation of a normal vegetable pizza but with a twist that you would not want to see coming, or at least that is what netizens seem to think. The clip opens to show a vendor preparing a pizza base by putting some chocolate sauce on it. But this is not even the surprising part yet. He then tops it with regular toppings like vegetables and even cheese! The process also shows the pizza getting strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice-cream being added to it.

The video was shared on the social media networking platform by RJ Rohan, who has over 24,000 followers on it. His bio states that he works at 93.5 Red FM, Delhi. He is known to post such videos of bizarre food combinations in his ‘Chef Kaandi’ series on his Instagram page.

Watch the video right here:

This video was posted a day ago and has already received over 8,500 views. Many took to the comments to express their disapproval of this dish. One user even tagged Dominos and Pizza Hut, asking the brands to try this recipe.

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