RPF personnel helps specially-abled passenger board train, people shower praise

The Internet is full of emotionally rewarding videos that show RPF personnel helping passengers in need. Now, a video of a Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel assisting a passenger with special needs to board a train is gaining traction on social media. The RPF personnel is earning much praise from netizens for his heartwarming gesture.

The video was posted on Twitter by IAS officer Supriya Sahu. “Wonderful gesture by Mr. Saravanan, SI, RPF. He carried a passenger with special needs and helped him to board a train at Virudhachalam station. We need more people like him,” she wrote while sharing the video. The 35-second clip shows an RPF SI Saravanan carrying the specially-abled passenger from the gate of the train to his berth at Tamil Nadu’s Virudhachalam station. An elderly woman, who may be the man’s mother or grandmother, is also seen assisting the RPF personnel.

Watch the heartwarming video right here:

Since being shared two days ago, the video has accumulated over 34,100 views and close to 2,000 likes. The share even received comments from people who appreciated the RPF personnel’s gesture and demanded the creation of ramps to help specially-abled passengers board the train easily.

“Yes. Gestures like this particularly by uniformed people will convey a strong and positive message among public,” posted an individual. “The gesture is indeed full of humanity but we need barrier free transportation system more than people with gold heart. What would be the need to put both into misery if we have ramps to board train at each railway station of India?” commented another. “Great job Mr. Saravanan. We must learn from him and help persons with special needs and old people in all the places, give them priority while in queue,” shared a third. “Great anecdote of a public servant…May his tribe increase,” expressed a fourth. A fifth individual wrote, “The ‘hope of humane’ flame is kept glowing by such humans.”

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