Sharks prowl closer to Florida shoreline. Here’s what experts have to say

Florida has been constantly in the news with the recently tracked shark movement across the city coast.

Experts at the University of Miami have tracked sharks swimming very close to the city’s coast. This new research is constantly raising questions about the safety of people near the beach.

The new development

The experts at the University of Miami have found that sharks are now swimming dangerously close to the crowded beaches that they might have predicted previously. So far, the experts were thinking of sharks being farther away from the Florida coast, but a recent video showed 15-20 sharks swimming very close to the shore. The sharks were estimated to be only 450 feet away from the Florida beach.

Are sharks coming closer to the coastlines a matter of serious concern?

In recent years, the news of animals attacking humans has increased a lot.

One of the local Florida news channels also caught some sharks swimming near Pensacola Beach around 10:30 am.

Sharks coming so close to shores is raising concerns about their safety.

According to reports, over 19 shark attacks have been recorded so far, just on the Florida coastline.

The FWC‘s Brent Winner told the news channels that it is very important for everyone visiting beaches in Florida to be carefully aware of their surroundings. He said that it is important to understand the relative risks and behaviour of the sharks, including biology and fisheries.

Why are sharks coming closer to the Florida Shore?

According to a recent study that was published a few months ago, many sharks are adapting to the new environment.

Sharks are adapting to the light and noise of the urban population. They might be coming closer due to fishermen caressing fish near the shores.

Such fish getting discarded by different businesses is now attracting sharks closer to crowded beaches.

The growing danger to the human population

According to one of the reports by the National Ocean Service, sharks generally are not aggressive towards the human population, and most sharks are not very dangerous to the human population.

Shark antibodies may help fight Covid: Study

​Says a study

Sharks, the ancient predators with prehistoric immune systems, may be key to developing effective Covid-19 treatments, suggests a new study. It was published in the journal Nature Communications.

They said that human beings are not even a part of their regular diet. But they might attack humans if they get scared or confused due to the large crowd near the beaches in Florida.

They tried explaining that if a human jumped into the water or is swimming when the sharks are nearby, they might get curious to investigate, which can lead to accidental attacks.

One of the recent cases of such attacks was also reported at the Florida beach when a 17-year-old got attacked by a shark. A few months ago, Addison Bethea was attacked by a nine-foot shark at a Florida beach.

The teen and her brother tried to fight the shark, but she was severely bitten. According to reports, she had to amputate her leg and spend over a month in a hospital.

The Reuters Twitter account shared a video of the shark swimming very close to the Florida coastline. This latest video is recorded by experts who have been tracking the movement of predatory sharks for a while and reporting that sharks are now coming closer to the coastline than experts might have thought.

According to the video, the locals might swim dangerously close to sharks without realising it. This really puts the locals and everyone visiting the coasts of Florida at serious risk.

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