Today’s Framed: Check out the answer, hints for August 6’s Framed

Daily puzzle games like Wordle and Heardle are being played by millions across the world. But, if you are not a fan of Wordle or already got bored with it, it’s time to try something new – maybe a movie spin-off game like Framed.

Inspired by the worldwide popular puzzle games, Framed can be described as a perfect game for ‘cinephiles’ and people who like to watch movies.

After the game has been launched, we can see a pick of an interesting movie for the game every day. And, the list of the movies are sourced from ShotDeck.

People, who are stuck to find out the answer for Framed on August 6, don’t fret! Here, we have come up with answer to today’s puzzle.

But, if you are new at playing this game or looking for some hints to solve the puzzle on your own, check out below.

How to Play Framed

Like Wordle, this daily movie puzzle game involves people attempting to solve the name of the movie by looking at pictures from the movie.

While altogether you will be given five guesses to get the name of the movie, each guess will make it easier to solve the puzzle.

While playing the game, you will get instructions, such as – following the picture provided to guess the movie name, or a wrong guess would lead to a new picture from the movie.

Very much like Wordle, Framed records the number of games you play, your win rate, and your current and highest streak.

Hints for Framed for August 6

If you are scratching your head to find out today’s answer, check out our subtle hints that can stir your memory to reach the final answer.

• The movie was released in 1985.

Categorised to the adventure /family genre, the movie was directed by Richard Donner.

• The movie title consists of two words.

Answer to today’s Framed

If you are still unable to find today’s movie name, look at the answer below.

The answer is
‘The Goonies’.

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