Although a slow affair, the message Punjabi movie Dakuaan Da Munda wants to convey comes across well


What happens when a college fight earns you an enemy for lifetime? Drugs find a way into your system to ultimately leave you in ruins? Dakuaan Da Munda answers all these questions besides leaving a message for the audience.

Dakuaan Da Munda

Cast: Cast: Dev Kharoud, Japji Khaira, Nishawn Bhullar, Raj Singh Jhinger, Lucky Dhaliwal, Preet Baath, Balwinder Bullet, Karanvir Khullar, Anita Meet and Gurmukhi Ginni

Director: Mandeep Benipal

Rating: ***

The dialogues have the drama and definitely add to the movie-watching experience. From the introduction scene of sirre da nashedi Manga, played by Dev Kharoud, one sees a man ready to go to any lengths to choose his poison. The part where he forgets his daughter near a chemist store is bone-chilling and shows how the character is not to be seen as the hero, but a flawed man – his own true enemy. Japji Khaira as Dev’s love interest and later wife has done well. However, the music could have been better.

The flashback scenes from Dev’s childhood are touching. The director’s attempt to show how guns, violence and college stunts never pay comes across well. The actor’s multiple looks—from a sportsperson to a local goon to an addict to his efforts to get back on track—look real. Friends of Dev as well as other characters in Dakuaan Da Munda have also done justice to their roles. The film is slow and one loses interest at times, especially during the songs. As the story is a biopic of Manga Singh Antal, the climax is not just emotional but leaves with you a message for life—Jehda nasha kar sakda e, oh chadd vi sakda e. 

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