Arjun Kapoor Schools A Troll Calling Him “Client Like This As*, ‘Rich Boy With No Mentality'” Says “I Don’t Hide Behind A Pic Of A Torso”

Arjun Kapoor Schools A Troll Calling Him
Arjun Kapoor Schools A Troll Calling Him “Client Like This As*, ‘Rich Boy With No Mentality’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has been the inspiration for many owing to the journey he has had. From being the fattest child to becoming the hunk of B-Town the actor has had an inspirational fitness journey. Recently, Arjun took to his Instagram account to share a couple of photos of him having leisure time. The actor looked cool lying on the sofa while gorging onto some yummy dim sums in a cool dark green t-shirt paired with a black lowers.

Captioning the photo, Arjun Kapoor wrote, “Your #Monday is full of weekend fomo, and I am busy enjoying my momo. We’re not the same bro.”

While some couldn’t stop envying him, others asked him to stop teasing them. However, one user’s comment grabbed eyeballs. Commenting on his photo a user wrote, “Man ur a lucky trainer to get a client like this a**, u keep printing money boy, this guy can never get in shape… he is a rich boy with no mentality bro.” But Arjun Kapoor was quick to school him. The actor slammed the troll and said that’s a sad way of looking at fitness.

Arjun Kapoor said in his reply, “So according to people like u being in shape is just having cuts on ur body… the shift in mentality the ability to show up and push hard to smile thru a session to eat clean to be disciplined in adversity to make each session count and improve ur actual health and strength and posture and ability to push isn’t the point of working our right ??? We should all just look like ur Display picture… that’s a sad way of looking at fitness… and where the mentality is concerned I can stand up to criticism and reply face to face I don’t hide behind a pic of a torso.”

Arjun Kapoor later shared the screenshot of the comment on his Instagram and penned a hard note for trolls. He wrote, “It’s because of comments and thought processes of people who hide behind keyboards like this is the world is made to believe that fitness is always about having the best-looking body and nothing is way more than that for anyone who’s ever struggled to just lead a normal healthy life and be mentally happy and calm by living for yourself taking care of yourself doing best u can and forming a routine despite obstacles not just about looking like a faceless DP.”

Arjun Kapoor Schools A Troll Calling Him

“I encourage anyone who’s ever had a bad day week or even month with their diet or lifestyle u are truly powerful and courageous if u have the ability to get up and try again…fitness isn’t about a six-pack fitness is about mental emotional and physical wellbeing and any trainer or person saying otherwise isn’t seeing from a wholesome life perspective but for just external gratification. Damn those who sit and judge and comment they don’t know u they don’t know ur journey to be happier about ur own body,” he added.

However later, Arjun Kapoor found support in his girlfriend Malaika Arora who re-shared the same on her Insta story and wrote, “Well said Arjun Kapoor n don’t ever let these trolls n criticism dull ur shine…more power to you n ur journey.” Anushka Sharma too lauded the actor!

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