KK’s Birth Anniversary: Not Just About Heartbreak, His Songs Can Give You Some Financial Wisdom

Do songs like Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe, and Dus Bahane permanently feature on your party playlist? Is your idea of a mellow, nostalgic night crooning to Sach Keh raha hai Deewana? You have KK to thank for these jewels! The famed singer, whose magical voice lit up Bollywood’s music scene in the 2000s, was snatched from us too soon this year.

But he lives on eternally, through his songs. Today, as we celebrate KK’s birthday, here are a few of his melodies you can plug in on loop and let good memories with songs wash you over.

And additionally, you can pluck some financial wisdom from these lyrics to help you kick-start your investment journey. If you’re a complete newbie, wanting to step into the choppy but essential waters of financial planning, here are a few tips you can take home:

Cut the market clutter- Koi kahe kehta rahe

Bigde Duniya Bigadne Bhi Do
Jhagde Duniya Jhagadne Bhi Do
Lade Yeh Duniya Ladne Bhi Do
Hum Apni Dhun Mein Gaaon

Every day, we wake up to a ton of information about the stock markets. One second, Nifty is inching 18,00 points and Sensex is at a record high with 60,000 points. The next day, all markets and sectors are tanking.

Naturally, this can make taking decisions around when and where to invest your hard-earned money for the first time very overwhelming. But fret not. You just need to stick to your tune — your financial goals, irrespective of where the markets are going.

Experts like Warren Buffett and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala have, time and again, warned investors not to time the market. So, while investing, dance to your tune, your song, and not the markets. Investment begins with a proper assessment of your long and short-term goals, for which you will eventually capital.

Next comes your risk-taking capacities. Are you an all-in, aggressive, high-risk, high-return person? Or do you want to strike a balance between risk and returns? Are you someone who wants to play safe with your money and settle for slightly lower returns in exchange for low risks? Your investment goals should only sing your taraana.

The road to financial wellness is tough

Pathhar Ke Inn Raston Pe
Phoolon Ki Ek Chadar Hain
Jabse Milen Ho Hamko
Badla Har Ek Manzar Hain

Let’s face it, financial discipline doesn’t come easy. It takes time, patience, and a devoted commitment to your life goals. But what makes it all worth is the end result-when you uninhibitedly get to enjoy the fruits (and funds) of your steadfastness.

Consider this. From its inception in 1979 until 2019, the BSE Sensex has delivered a CAGR of 16.1%. An investment of Rs 10,000 per month for a period of just 5 years at this rate would’ve yielded returns worth Rs 3,25,110 on your invested amount of Rs 6,00,000.

In total, you will find yourself sitting comfortably on a corpus worth Rs 10,00,000. That’s the power of compounding and consistency. The more time you spend in the markets, the more you end up earning on your investments.

Dont let quick returns lure you!

Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana Dil
Dil Na Kisi Se Lagaana
Maine Har Lamha Jisse Chaaha, Jisse Pooja
Ussi Ne Yaaron Mera Dil
Toda Toda, Tanha Tanha Chhoda

It’s easy to be lured into quick-fire financial schemes that promise skyrocketing returns in a short time. But in reality, the 21 din main paise double scheme is a lie. Markets appreciate patience because, in the long run, the impact of volatilities on your funds is evened out, generating solid returns. So, the next time you find yourself pulled into putting money in crypto or more, remember, it will break your heart and bank balance!

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