Rana Ranbir brings out some important issues in his latest offering, Posti


If Warning had Pamma, Posti has Posti! Or, should we say Prince Kanwaljit Singh, who played both the characters. In fact, it would be hard for Prince not to be typecast after the series of quirky characters that he has played in the recent times.

While the character Posti justifies the title and the storyline, many actors fall short on the acting front. The character-sketch of the villains look more like a stolen chapter from an old Hindi or Punjabi movie and even the climax lacks the message that the film wants to send across.

As a social satire, it has some well-written dialogues but the high point of the film is its central character. Actor, director and writer Rana Ranbir has done a good job as he brings out some important issues like unemployment, drug abuse and immigration. He, however, lacks in the department of direction. The romance between Babbal Rai and Surillie Gautam is well put, only it slows the pace of the film in the first half. Malkit Rauni and Seema Kaushal as parents and Vadda Grewal as Posti’s close associate are quite convincing.

The cameo by Zareen Khan as Posti’s khyali pulav (dream love) is a breath of fresh air in the film and so is the dance sequence of Jazzy B and Zareen. Posti’s dialogue, ‘Bande bano bande’ to discourage youth from taking drugs is heart warming. This social satire has a message for Punjabi youth and thus makes for a one-time watch. Characters like Posti exist around us but often ignored.

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