Fernando Alonso Set to Register Longest Ever F1 Career Record at Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Schumacher’s record of being an F1 driver for 21 years and 3 months is about to be broken at the start of the race at the Baku city circuit by Alonso who currently represents Alpine racing.

Alonso has been active in the competition since his first race all the way back in 2001 when he debuted in a car manufactured by Italian Minardi.

The Spaniard who is considered one of the most naturally talented drivers on the grid in recent history spent two seasons out of the championships seeking to explore new racing horizons and possibilities such as the Dakar Rally.

Alonso left the series in the year 2018 but returned to the premier series in the year 2021.

Schumacher too was absent from the tracks for four years between 2006 and 2010.

Alonso was the driver who put an end to Schumacher’s rampant run of five straight championships between the years 200 and 2004.

The Spaniard won the championship with Renault in the 2005 season to win his first title and followed it up by defending his title and clinching it again in the year 2006.

He has also represented McLaren and Ferrari in a career that includes 32 race victories and 92 podium place finishes.

Alonso’s performance in this year’s contest has displayed shades of his prime tenacity and expert handling of the machine, especially in tight spaces giving his fellow racers a run for their money.

The Spaniard debuted in the F1 2001 Australian Grand Prix at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne where he finished 15th and had to wait for his first win at the Hungarian Grand Prix in the year 2003.

Alonso, who called it a privilege and termed himself to be lucky to have got the opportunity to leave Formula One and return to the tracks a couple of years later, hasn’t been on a winning spree in his second spell, but, looking at the way the 40-year-old is driving, the Spaniard still has some mileage and some to distance to go before being done from the sport for good.

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