Sean O’Malley not interested in ‘beef’ with Daniel Cormier, admits the former heavyweight champion would ‘fu**’ him up

Sean O’Malley is looking to put his recent feud with Daniel Cormier behind him before the former two-division champion beats him up.

O’Malley and Cormier have been going back and forth since ‘Sugar’ complained about ‘DC’ bringing up leg kicks while commentating his fights. Cormier tried to defend his position, saying leg kicks were O’Malley’s only visible weakness thus far O’Malley responded by claiming Cormier didn’t like him because he reminded ‘DC’ of Jon Jones.

On the latest episode of The Bromalley Show, O’Malley tried to put an end to the beef, saying:

“It was supposed to be a joke, it was supposed to be funny. All I was saying was I think he wants me to lose. And he might not, it’s just my stupid opinion. He might. If he doesn’t, if he really doesn’t care if I win or lose, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Yesterday on DC&RC we were joined by Sean O’Malley and I asked him about the commentary and where his comments come from and we had a conversation. This was one example. The rest of the conversation here DC @realrclark @espnmma

“Dude, I do two hours of podcasting a week, eight hours a month, I stream, I say a lot of stupid s*** just like commentators say a lot of stupid s***. It’s inevitable when you’re talking as much as we talk, you’re gonna talk some s***. I don’t want a beef with ‘DC.’ I was saying this on the Sugar Show, I don’t want beef with anyone that can f*** me up. DC could f*** me up. So … put that on ESPN.”

Watch the full episode of Bromalley below:


Daniel Cormier has been getting attacked from all sides lately over his commentary during events and on his ESPN+ show. While the opinions of fighters and fans seem to be getting under his skin, that’s just what happens when famous people say things on platforms as big as the UFC and ESPN.

Cormier recently declared that he was going to follow Joe Rogan’s advice and stop caring how people react to his content. It will be interesting to see if he can keep that attitude when some fighters are yelling at him in the cage.

Phil Hawes apologizes for verbally attacking Daniel Cormier in the cage at UFC Austin

Following Phil Hawes’ victory over Deron Winn at UFC Austin, Hawes confronted Daniel Cormier just as the commentator was about to interview him in the cage. He yelled:

“You picked the wrong pony! Yeah, you dog. You know what I’m talking about. I’ll cool off and then next week you can fight me.”

Apparently, Hawes thought Daniel Cormier was favoring Winn because Cormier and Winn both train at the AKA gym. At the post-fight press conference, a cooled down Hawes apologized whole-heartedly for the incident.

“Yeah, it was just a misunderstanding on my behalf. ‘DC’ is such a role model to me, a two-weight world champion, just a stellar dude. So it was just a miscommunication. Wrong place, wrong time. I apologize, ‘DC.’ Don’t beat me up.”

While Daniel Cormier continues to force peace from his detractors via his threatening aura, he’d undoubtedly prefer not having to deal with all this beef in the first place.

Today on DC&RC we talked about UFC fight night AUSTIN and I responded to Sean O’Malley’s claims that I want to see him lose that and so much more check it out

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