Watch: Alfa Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu’s scary first-lap crash as car turns upside down

Carlos Sainz sealed his maiden Formula One victory on Sunday, winning the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit. The Ferrari driver, who was starting from his maiden pole position on his 150th race, resisted a late charge from Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, to take the flag by 3.7 seconds. The race had its fair share of drama including a crash on the first lap, when Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo car flipped upside down after an incident involving George Russell of Mercedes. Other than Guanyu and Russell, Alpine’s Estebon Ocon, Alpha Tauri’s Yuki Tsunoda and Williams’ Alex Albon were involved in the pile-up which led to a one hour red flag delay.

Here is the video of the crash:

After the collision, other drivers climbed out of their cars to help Zhou. In a radio statement, Alfa Romeo informed their other driver Valtteri Bottas, “Zhou is conscious, he is talking, there are no fractures. Considering the circumstances, he is pretty good, pretty well”.

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Meanwhile, later it was announced that Zhou was in ‘good health’ and had left ‘the medical centre’. During the accident, Russell, who started from eighth, moved to his right after a poor start and collided with Zhou’s car, which pushed the latter off-circuit and dragged other cars into multiple collisions.

Zhou later returned to watch Sainz win the race and also tweeted, “I’m ok, all clear. Halo saved me today. Thanks everyone for your kind messages!”

He also revealed that the halo safety device saved him. During the accident, his head was saved by his car’s roll hoop-halo, as his car skidded off across the race track and into the catch fencing.

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